History has shown that the Irish people are best qualified to control their own destiny, but with a partitioned country still partly under foreign rule, the vision of a fully sovereign independent Irish nation is yet to be realized. We recognize the suffering that has happened throughout our history, but also the importance of preventing such suffering in the future. Our objective is to build support for achieving Irish reunification by peaceful and democratic means.

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Video: Modeling Irish Unification presentation at the Harvard Club New York

Prominent scholars in the field of political science and economics discuss the findings of a landmark economic study, “Modeling Irish Unification,” a non-partisan, independent study analyzing the economic implications of Irish unification.


First Ever Economic Modeling Details Economic Benefits of Irish Unification

Study by researchers who have examined German and Korean unification models shows long-term improvement of GDP per capita in the North of 4 to 7.5 percent, while the Republic would see a boost of 0.7 to 1.2 percent.


Sinn Fein’s election result realigns Irish politics – the recent vote for the party was unprecedented

An opinion poll in the Sunday Independent on June 8 suggested Sinn Féin support had increased to 26% since the European and council elections.

Mexican-American Organization supports Irish Unity

Mexican-American Organization supports Irish Unity

Momentum for a United Ireland continues to build. On June 7th Casa de Cultura endorsed a resolution for a United Ireland. Stating “You have our total and unconditional support for your United Ireland Campaign.”